Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ten questions that the Conservatives must ask

The Conservatives are doing a poor job in opposition. They fail to ask any difficult questions.

Here are ten questions that must be asked, preferably in the House of Commons. The answers should be published on the Conservatives website.

1. Of the Labour government ministers who make pronouncements on Islam (Kelley, Brown, Straw and Reid), how many have actually read the Quran?

2. Ruth Kelley appears now to be threatening to withdraw public funding from Islamic organisations in Britain that do not work harder to identify extremists. Her words are typical politician speak, and are not clear. Is she in fact proposing to increase funding to those organisations that show some willingness to co-operate? The Conservatives must press her to make her meaning absolutely clear.

3. Please obtain details of how much public funding has been given to Islamic organisations, over, say, the last five years. By details, I mean, how much money, on what dates. What are the names of these organisations, and what do they do? Have they submitted adequate accounts each year? What is the basis of their charitable status? How do we know where the money is ending up? Does it go to terrorist organisations? Give their website addresses, so that the British public can judge for ourselves whether we wish to continue funding such organisations.

4. In an opinion poll a few weeks ago, 53 percent of the respondents believe that Islam itself is a threat to Democracy. Why then should the majority pay any money at all towards any Islamic organisation?

5. The Muslim birth rate is much higher than the non-Muslim birth rate. Please ask the Office of National Statistics to calculate in which year the Muslim population is projected to exceed 50 percent of the total. That will be the new D-day, the day on which Democracy dies. Churchill would be appalled.

6. Please ask Kelley, Brown, Straw and Reid to define what exactly they mean by the term "moderate Muslims". As Reid has tacitly acknowledged, the second and third generations are far more radical than their parents. Reid is living in cloud cuckoo land if he believes that Muslim parents would report their son, even if they knew that he was preparing a bomb.

7. This Labour government has introduced a law banning the glorification of terrorism. The terrorists take their main inspiration from the Quran, which clearly states in numerous verses that non-believers must be killed. We must have a judicial review into whether the Quran meets the criteria of the glorification law. Can the Conservatives ask when such a review will take place? Would the Conservatives have the courage to ban the Quran, if they hold office in the future?

8. Most people in Britain are appalled by cruelty to animals. Halal slaughter is needlessly cruel. Halal meat is increasingly served in schools, hospitals, restaurants etc, without any labelling, even when the majority are non-Muslims. The Conservatives must press for proper labelling, and a non-Halal option must be given on the menu. Please ask the government why they permit such cruel methods of slaughter anyway. Their own advisers, the Farm Animal Welfare Council condemn it.

9. How can Ruth Kelley say that only a tiny, tiny minority of Muslims are extremists? Around a quarter of them sympathise with the London bombers.

10. Why is the government giving preferential treatment to Muslims? Islamic bank accounts are the thin end of the wedge, and I am sure we would all like to pay zero interest on our loans too. A Muslim could borrow a sum of money at zero interest, and put it into an interest bearing account. Money for nothing, paid for by non-Muslims. Democracy is being destroyed before our eyes.

The Conservatives are failing in their duty by not asking difficult questions. Their colour is supposed to be blue, not yellow.

Our brave soldiers and airmen are giving their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. If only our politicians had just one tenth of their courage, we would get some answers. If the politicians had equal courage, we would also get some real action!

Britain is changing considerably under pressure from Islam.

Humanity needs peace not Islam.


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