Thursday, October 12, 2006


Unfortunately my posting to the Conservatives website "Ten questions that the Conservatives must ask" had to be split into three sections, due to a size limitation of 500 words maximum.

However, all ten questions were present, together with the two hypertext links. This was fine for about half an hour.

Then the hypertext links were removed, together with questions 9 and 10.

Why? Maybe there is a simple technical reason, although links elsewhere on this site have been fine.

If you would like to read questions 9 and 10 please visit my blog. You may need to copy the address into your browser:

I hope that this is merely a technical problem. Democracy is too important to allow valid points to be censored.

NOTE: It was not censored after all, just a technical problem.

Freedom of speech

My earlier posting to the Conservatives forum had sections missing. It probably is a technical problem around the hyperlinks.

It is very pleasing to see that the Conservatives take freedom of speech seriously, unlike the Labour lot, who are morally bankrupt as well as financially bankrupt. They take liberties with our liberties.

If it had been censorship, I would have set that fearless champion of freedom of speech onto you, namely Ann Widdecombe MP. The Conservatives are very fortunate to have people of her calibre in their number.

I had a look at her website. It is clear that she has animal welfare close to her heart. Would it be possible to ask her to pursue the matter of the cruelty of Halal slaughter, and the labelling of food in hospitals, schools and restaurants? Please pass on my thanks to her in anticipation.

Humanity needs peace not Islam.


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