Tuesday, October 17, 2006

White flag

Britain's flag carrying airline, BA, has banned an employee from wearing a small silver crucifix.

Nadia Ewelda, an employee with seven years of service, has been told that she may wear it, provided that it is hidden. She was effectively forced to take unpaid leave.

This BA policy is inconsistent, since Muslim women are permitted to wear a headscarf, and Sikhs are permitted to wear a turban.

There is considerable support for Nadia Ewelda, from the Transport and General Workers Union, as well as from Peter Hain MP, (Northern Ireland Secretary) who has described the decision as "loopy". Ann Widdecombe MP, who is a devout Roman Catholic, has called on Christians to boycott BA.

There is an irony here, that appears not to have been pointed out:

BA (also known as British Airways), has a large Union Jack flag painted on the tail of each of its aircraft. This flag incorporates the cross of St George, a potent Christian symbol.

Perhaps BA would like to paint out the cross of St George, using white paint. However, there is also the cross of St Andrew, that may also cause offense. Why not just paint a white flag of surrender on each aircraft instead of the Union Jack?

It is highly unlikely that any religious group would find a small silver crucifix to be offensive, with the exception of some Muslims.

Is this simply a case of political correctness gone mad, or more worryingly, does Islam have a much tighter grip on Britain than has so far been acknowledged?

I do suspect the latter. The fact that Mosques have planning permission granted very easily, whilst it is nigh impossible to get planning permission to build a house, would support the latter case.

Humanity needs peace not Islam.


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