Monday, December 18, 2006

Second email message sent to Members of Parliament.

Dear Member of Parliament

I trust that my earlier email to you has been of some value. There is a worrying level of misinformation spread about Islam. It is through reading the Quran itself, and properly understanding the concept of abrogation, that we can start to have a true understanding.

You do not need to take my word for it, but instead study these two websites. They are written by ex-Muslims:
Faith Freedom
Apostates of Islam

I have set up a blog, with the primary aim of providing a truthful understanding of Islam. The blog address is:

The blog was started in mid September. It was the anniversary of the London bombings that prompted my research into Islam. I wanted to understand the motivation of the Islamic terrorists. I have now come to understand that it is the Quran itself that is the primary inspiration. Blaming al Qaeda alone is too simplistic.

Anybody can leave comments on my blog, anonymously if they like. If I have made any error, I am happy to correct it.

Shortly after sending my first email to Members of Parliament, I have started to run into difficulties. In particular, my Internet Service Provider has threatened to block my internet access. I can only assume that it is one of your number who is attempting to stifle the debate. It may be that they will try to close down the blog also, so view it while you can.

This is really a very worrying development for our nation. Preventing freedom of speech and freedom of expression is a very serious matter, and will inevitably lead to serious consequences for our democracy.

Any reduction in our freedom of speech will seriously disadvantage our efforts to root out Islamic extremism.

I have at all times proclaimed the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, to the best of my ability.

It is very hard for the electorate to know which of our MPs actually have an understanding of Islam. It is patently obvious that Blair does not understand it. However, it is only Boris Johnson who has demonstrated some understanding, during the BBC "Question Time" programme of 16th November 2006.

I want to make progress, so here are some additional points:

In addition to a consideration of the roots of Islamic terrorism in itself, there are two areas in which Parliament must take the initiative to press for some real action from the Government (executive). The two areas are:

Firstly, to set up an enquiry into whether the Quran itself glorifies terrorism. Since we have the glorification of terrorism law, we should apply it. The law must be applied without fear or favour. However, it is painfully clear that those in authority are so fearful of offending certain elements in society, that a great disservice is done to the majority.

Secondly, we must consider the cruelty to animals of Halal slaughter. It is clear that human slavery is an evil and inhuman practice, and we should be proud that good Christians in Britain were instrumental in its abolition two hundred years ago. Of course, the abolition was opposed by those with a vested interest in making money from the despicable trade. Today, we have another battle of morals to be waged. This is the slaughter of animals for Halal meat, which causes avoidable suffering. It would be fitting for Britain to again take the lead today, as our ancestors did with the abolition of slavery..
We must first ban this cruel practice in Britain. We can then encourage the governments of Australia and New Zealand to follow our lead on this issue. Of course, there are powerful interests that would oppose the banning of live export of sheep from Australia and New Zeland to Middle East markets. Sometimes however, a reduction of revenues must be accepted for a greater good. Halal slaughter is evil and inhumane, and must be banned.

The Government's own advisers, the Farm Animal Welfare Council (, have written a document 'Report on the Welfare of Farmed Animals at Slaughter or Killing'

Regarding Halal slaughter, it states:

"195. When a very large transverse incision is made across the neck a number of vital tissues are transected including: skin, muscle, trachea, oesophagus, carotid arteries, jugular veins, major nerve trunks (e.g. vagus and phrenic nerves) plus numerous minor nerves. Such a drastic cut will inevitably trigger a barrage of sensory information to the brain in a sensible (conscious) animal. We are persuaded that such a massive injury would result in very significant pain and distress in the period before insensibility supervenes."

I wish you success in the application of wisdom and truth. As General Sir Richard Dannatt has said: "the truth will out".

Yours faithfully,

I have not been able to send this message to the MPs listed below, as they do not give their email address on their websites, or the address given is out of date.
If you see the name of a colleague who would benefit from receiving this message, then by all means forward a copy to them.

Adams, Mr Gerry (SF)
Afriyie, Adam (Con)
Ainsworth, Rt Hon Bob (Lab)
Allen, Mr Graham (Lab)
Atkins, Charlotte (Lab)
Atkinson, Mr Peter (Con)
Austin, Mr Ian (Lab)

Baker, Norman (LD)
Barker, Gregory (Con)
Baron, Mr John (Con)
Barron, Rt Hon Kevin (Lab)
Beckett, Rt Hon Margaret (Lab)
Bellingham, Mr Henry (Con)
Bercow, John (Con)
Beresford, Sir Paul (Con)
Betts, Mr Clive (Lab)
Blackman, Liz (Lab)
Blackman-Woods, Dr Roberta (Lab)
Blair, Rt Hon Tony (Lab)
Blunkett, Rt Hon David (Lab)
Bone, Mr Peter (Con)
Borrow, Mr David S. (Lab)
Boswell, Mr Tim (Con)
Bradshaw, Mr Ben (Lab)
Brady, Mr Graham (Con)
Brooke, Annette (LD)
Brown, Rt Hon Gordon (Lab)
Brown, Rt Hon Nicholas (Lab)
Browne, Mr Jeremy (LD)
Burnham, Andy (Lab)
Burns, Mr Simon (Con)
Butterfill, Sir John (Con)

Caborn, Rt Hon Richard (Lab)
Campbell, Mr Gregory (DU)
Campbell, Mr Ronnie (Lab)
Cash, Mr William (Con)
Caton, Mr Martin (Lab)
Challen, Colin (Lab)
Chaytor, Mr David (Lab)
Chope, Mr Christopher (Con)
Clappison, Mr James (Con)
Clark, Greg (Con)
Clark, Ms Katy (Lab)
Clarke, Rt Hon Kenneth (Con)
Clarke, Rt Hon Tom (Lab)
Clegg, Mr Nick (LD)
Clelland, Mr David (Lab)
Clifton-Brown, Mr Geoffrey (Con)
Clwyd, Rt Hon Ann (Lab)
Connarty, Michael (Lab)
Conway, Derek (Con)
Cook, Frank (Lab)
Corbyn, Jeremy (Lab)
Cormack, Sir Patrick (Con)
Cousins, Jim (Lab)
Crabb, Mr Stephen (Con)
Crausby, Mr David (Lab)
Cruddas, Jon (Lab)
Cummings, John (Lab)
Cunningham, Mr Jim (Lab)
Curry, Rt Hon David (Con)

Davey, Mr Edward (LD)
Davidson, Mr Ian (Lab/Co-op)
Davies, Dai (Ind)
Davies, Mr Quentin (Con)
Davies, Philip (Con)
Davis, Rt Hon David (Con)
Djanogly, Mr Jonathan (Con)
Dobbin, Jim (Lab/Co-op)
Dobson, Rt Hon Frank (Lab)
Dodds, Mr Nigel (DU)
Doherty, Mr Pat (SF)
Drew, Mr David (Lab/Co-op)
Duncan Smith, Rt Hon Iain (Con)
Dunne, Mr Philip (Con)
Dunwoody, Mrs Gwyneth (Lab)
Durkan, Mark (SDLP)

Eagle, Maria (Lab)
Efford, Clive (Lab)
Ellman, Mrs Louise (Lab/Co-op)
Ellwood, Mr Tobias (Con)
Ennis, Jeff (Lab)
Etherington, Bill (Lab)

Fabricant, Michael (Con)
Farrelly, Paul (Lab)
Field, Mr Mark (Con)
Fisher, Mark (Lab)
Follett, Barbara (Lab)
Foster, Mr Don (LD)
Fox, Dr Liam (Con)
Fraser, Mr Christopher (Con)

Gale, Mr Roger (Con)
Galloway, Mr George (Respect)
George, Andrew (LD)
George, Rt Hon Bruce (Lab)
Gibb, Mr Nick (Con)
Gibson, Dr Ian (Lab)
Gildernew, Michelle (SF)
Gillan, Mrs Cheryl (Con)
Godsiff, Mr Roger (Lab)
Goodwill, Mr Robert (Con)
Greening, Justine (Con)
Greenway, Mr John (Con)
Grieve, Mr Dominic (Con)
Griffith, Nia (Lab)
Griffiths, Nigel (Lab)
Gwynne, Andrew (Lab)

Hague, Rt Hon William (Con)
Hall, Patrick (Lab)
Hammond, Mr Philip (Con)
Harper, Mr Mark (Con)
Harris, Dr Evan (LD)
Harvey, Nick (LD)
Hayes, Mr John (Con)
Heal, Sylvia (DCWM)
Henderson, Mr Doug (Lab)
Hepburn, Mr Stephen (Lab)
Hermon, Lady Sylvia (UU)
Heyes, David (Lab)
Hill, Rt Hon Keith (Lab)
Hillier, Meg (Lab/Co-op)
Hoey, Kate (Lab)
Hogg, Rt Hon Douglas (Con)
Hollobone, Mr Philip (Con)
Holloway, Mr Adam (Con)
Hopkins, Kelvin (Lab)
Horam, Mr John (Con)
Horwood, Mr Martin (LD)
Howarth, Rt Hon George (Lab)
Howells, Dr Kim (Lab)
Hoyle, Mr Lindsay (Lab)
Hughes, Rt Hon Beverley (Lab)
Humble, Mrs Joan (Lab)

Iddon, Dr Brian (Lab)
Illsley, Mr Eric (Lab)
Ingram, Rt Hon Adam (Lab)

Jack, Rt Hon Michael (Con)
Jackson, Glenda (Lab)
Jackson, Mr Stewart (Con)
Jenkin, Mr Bernard (Con)
Jones, Helen (Lab)
Jowell, Rt Hon Tessa (Lab)

Kaufman, Rt Hon Sir Gerald (Lab)
Keeble, Ms Sally (Lab)
Keeley, Ms Barbara (Lab)
Keen, Alan (Lab/Co-op)
Kelly, Rt Hon Ruth (Lab)
Kemp, Mr Fraser (Lab)
Kennedy, Rt Hon Charles (LD)
Kennedy, Rt Hon Jane (Lab)
Key, Robert (Con)
Khabra, Mr Piara S (Lab)
Kidney, Mr David (Lab)
Kumar, Dr Ashok (Lab)

Ladyman, Dr Stephen (Lab)
Laing, Mrs Eleanor (Con)
Lammy, Mr David (Lab)
Lancaster, Mr Mark (Con)
Leech, Mr John (LD)
Lepper, David (Lab/Co-op)
Letwin, Rt Hon Oliver (Con)
Lewis, Mr Ivan (Lab)
Lewis, Dr Julian (Con)
Liddell-Grainger, Mr Ian (Con)
Linton, Martin (Lab)
Lloyd, Tony (Lab)
Llwyd, Mr Elfyn (PC)
Lord, Sir Michael (DCWM)
Luff, Peter (Con)

McCafferty, Chris (Lab)
McCartney, Rt Hon Ian (Lab)
McCrea, Rev Dr William (DU)
McDonnell, Dr Alasdair (SDLP)
McFadden, Mr Pat (Lab)
McGuinness, Mr Martin (SF)
McIntosh, Miss Anne (Con)
McIsaac, Shona (Lab)
Mackinlay, Andrew (Lab)
Maclean, Rt Hon David (Con)
McLoughlin, Rt Hon Patrick (Con)
MacNeil, Mr Angus (SNP)
McNulty, Mr Tony (Lab)
Mahmood, Mr Khalid (Lab)
Malik, Mr Shahid (Lab)
Malins, Mr Humfrey (Con)
Marsden, Mr Gordon (Lab)
Marshall, Mr David (Lab)
Martin, Rt Hon Michael J. (SPK)
Martlew, Mr Eric (Lab)
Maude, Rt Hon Francis (Con)
Michael, Rt Hon Alun (Lab/Co-op)
Milburn, Rt Hon Alan (Lab)
Miliband, Edward (Lab)
Miller, Andrew (Lab)
Milton, Anne (Con)
Moffat, Anne (Lab)
Morden, Jessica (Lab)
Morley, Mr Elliot (Lab)
Mountford, Kali (Lab)
Mudie, Mr George (Lab)
Mullin, Mr Chris (Lab)
Murphy, Conor (SF)
Murphy, Mr Denis (Lab)
Murphy, Rt Hon Paul (Lab)

Neill, Bob (Con)
Newmark, Mr Brooks (Con)
Norris, Dan (Lab)

O'Brien, Mr Mike (Lab)
O'Brien, Mr Stephen (Con)
O'Hara, Mr Edward (Lab)
Olner, Mr Bill (Lab)
Osborne, Mr George (Con)

Paisley, Rt Hon Ian (DU)
Palmer, Dr Nick (Lab)
Paterson, Mr Owen (Con)
Pearson, Ian (Lab)
Pelling, Mr Andrew (Con)
Penning, Mike (Con)
Penrose, John (Con)
Pound, Stephen (Lab)
Prescott, Rt Hon John (Lab)
Price, Adam (PC)
Prosser, Gwyn (Lab)
Purnell, James (Lab)

Reed, Mr Andy (Lab/Co-op)
Reed, Mr Jamie (Lab)
Reid, Mr Alan (LD)
Rifkind, Rt Hon Sir Malcolm (Con)
Riordan, Mrs Linda (Lab/Co-op)
Robathan, Mr Andrew (Con)
Robertson, Hugh (Con)
Robertson, John (Lab)
Robertson, Mr Laurence (Con)
Robinson, Mr Geoffrey (Lab)
Robinson, Mrs Iris (DU)
Robinson, Mr Peter (DU)
Rooney, Mr Terry (Lab)
Rosindell, Andrew (Con)
Rowen, Paul (LD)
Ruane, Chris (Lab)
Ruddock, Joan (Lab)
Russell, Christine (Lab)
Russell, Bob (LD)
Ryan, Joan (Lab)

Sanders, Mr Adrian (LD)
Seabeck, Alison (Lab)
Shaw, Jonathan (Lab)
Shepherd, Mr Richard (Con)
Simon, Mr SiƓn (Lab)
Simpson, David (DU)
Simpson, Mr Keith (Con)
Singh, Mr Marsha (Lab)
Skinner, Mr Dennis (Lab)
Smith, Ms Angela C. (Lab)
Smith, Angela E. (Lab/Co-op)
Smith, Geraldine (Lab)
Smith, John (Lab)
Smith, Sir Robert (LD)
Snelgrove, Anne (Lab)
Soulsby, Sir Peter (Lab)
Southworth, Helen (Lab)
Spring, Mr Richard (Con)
Stanley, Rt Hon Sir John (Con)
Steen, Mr Anthony (Con)
Stewart, Ian (Lab)
Straw, Rt Hon Jack (Lab)
Stringer, Graham (Lab)
Sutcliffe, Mr Gerry (Lab)
Swire, Mr Hugo (Con)
Syms, Mr Robert (Con)

Tapsell, Sir Peter (Con)
Taylor, David (Lab/Co-op)
Taylor, Matthew (LD)
Taylor, Dr Richard (Ind)
Thomas, Mr Gareth (Lab/Co-op)
Timms, Rt Hon Stephen (Lab)
Tipping, Paddy (Lab)
Touhig, Rt Hon Don (Lab/Co-op)
Tredinnick, David (Con)
Trickett, Jon (Lab)
Truswell, Mr Paul (Lab)
Turner, Mr Neil (Lab)
Tyrie, Mr Andrew (Con)

Vis, Dr Rudi (Lab)

Waltho, Lynda (Lab)
Wareing, Mr Robert N. (Lab)
Watkinson, Angela (Con)
Watts, Mr Dave (Lab)
Wicks, Malcolm (Lab)
Widdecombe, Rt Hon Ann (Con)
Wiggin, Bill (Con)
Willetts, Mr David (Con)
Williams, Rt Hon Alan (Lab)
Williams, Mrs Betty (Lab)
Williams, Hywel (PC)
Williams, Mark (LD)
Williams, Mr Roger (LD)
Wilshire, Mr David (Con)
Wilson, Sammy (DU)
Winterton, Sir Nicholas (Con)
Wishart, Pete (SNP)
Woolas, Mr Phil (Lab)
Wright, Mr Anthony (Lab)
Wright, Mr Iain (Lab)

Yeo, Mr Tim (Con)
Young, Rt Hon Sir George (Con)
Younger-Ross, Richard (LD)

Humanity needs peace not Islam.


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