Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Charged with congestion of the brain

This blog is concentrating on the threat of Islam in Britain. However, many aspects of the difficulties of modern living are interconnected, and the common theme is that politicians mis-diagnose the ailment, and consequently prescribe an inappropriate medication. Some years later, they start to wonder why their "solution" did not work. Very often, Joe public understands the problem, but even stating the truth of the reality is castigated as being politically incorrect. An open and honest debate is therefore stifled for many years. Without properly understanding the problem, it is impossible to find the solution.

Take the current "hot" topic of road congestion. Too many vehicles making use of too few roads. The problem has not suddenly appeared, but has been getting consistently worse particularly over the last decade during Labour's time in office. It has not helped that Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown has effectively prevented any significant road building. However, I do not think that is the main factor. Simply, the demand for road use has mushroomed. Understanding the demand is key to finding a solution. Building new roads will not keep up with demand for very long.

The simplistic "solution" proposed by the Government is to add a road usage charge. However, we motorists already pay for the roads several times over. Nobody enjoys being stuck in a traffic queue, and if you are wasting time, that equates to money anyway. (You could be spending the time earning overtime payment, or furthering your career or business.) We already pay per mile, it is called fuel duty, which is far easier to collect than even automated road tolls. So, the road charging is already occurring in practice, by a combination of vehicle excise duty, duty on fuel, and wasted time in queues. The Government needs to be honest about why it wants to identify and monitor the movement of every vehicle. We are not stupid, and it is patently obvious that the "solution" is not going to resolve road congestion. Why is this Labour Government so dishonest? What are they trying to hide?

One factor nowadays is that job security is poor. We are fortunate if our job lasts more than five years, before we are made redundant. The cost of moving house is prohibitive, and so we will find it necessary to commute some distance to our new job. Where previously we may have purchased our house within say 5 miles of work, we now find the need to commute. "Only" 20 miles if we are lucky, or more likely 50 miles or even further. One thing that the Government could do to help, would be to minimise the cost of moving house. That means zero stamp duty on any property transaction, irrespective of its value. Of course, not everyone would move house anyway, if their children are settled into a school, for example, but making it less costly to move house would certainly reduce the growth of road congestion.

Nobody in Government certainly, or in opposition either dares to voice the real reason for the mushrooming car usage however. It is far too dangerous to mention it, and you will be branded a "racist" for even alluding to it. The real reason is "white flight". This issue has been increasing in significance for several decades, but has worsened considerably during the past decade, due to the open-door immigration policy of this Labour Government.

As the cities and larger towns in Britain have descended into lawlessness, and you can often be threatened or even stabbed to death for your mobile phone, it is hardly surprising that so many move out, if they can. I blame that grinning fool Blair.

So, having moved out of the city, to a hopefully safer place in a small town or village, the commute to work in the city is considerably further. As more of the law abiding (white) people leave the cities, they are taken over by the lawless elements of unemployable human flotsam, with many no-go areas developing. It is all very well for Home Secretary John Reid to say "there can be no no-go areas". He has an armed escort. The rest of us do not. That man is living in cloud cuckoo land, as I have stated several times already.

I have identified three main factors for the increase in congestion, namely:
1. Job insecurity.
2. The excessive cost of moving house due to stamp duty, and
3. "white flight".

It is the third reason, in my opinion that is the greatest problem, since it is hard to see this Labour government reversing it, and even the Conservatives may lack the will to do very much to resolve it.

We will never resolve the problem of "white flight" by pretending that it does not exist. That applies to Conservative politicians just as much as it does to Labour. The ructions caused a few weeks ago within the Conservative party by a "racist poem" that was circulating, indicates that the Conservatives are currently ill-equipped to tackle this issue head on. I found the poem in question, by searching on the internet. The general gist of the poem is that immigrants are taking unfair advantage of our generosity. Since this is the truth, why is it so difficult for mainstream politicians to acknowledge this fact, which everyone knows anyway?

Of course, a very regrettable consequence of our excessive generosity is that the generally law abiding, tax paying indiginous population is then unable to get onto the property ladder. If we are eventually able to do so, the biological clock has ticked away, resulting in a reduced number of offspring, with an increased risk of medical complications. For example, the risk of Downs syndrome is very much greater if a woman gives birth in her late 30s.

Ideally, women who want to have a family should start in their mid 20s. This is simply unrealistic for everyone except those on high salaries, or for those who are funded by the taxpayer. Those of us who work hard but have only a salary slightly above average and pay tax have little hope. What about our human rights to have a family life? We are subsidising those who choose not to work, have their housing paid for at our expense, and turn out large numbers of delinquent children. Not only does our tax pay for their housing, but it thereby increases the property prices, putting even a modest property ever further out of reach.

What would it take to encourage the indigenous population to breed again? Take a young married couple, by way of example. The husband perhaps 30 years old, and the wife 25 years old. They may just about have paid of their student loans, and have gathered a small deposit. They wish to purchase their own property and start a family. He is earning, say 30,000 pounds per annum. If we assume a mortgage of 3x salary, plus a limited deposit, really the property should be around 100,000 pounds. It should also have three bedrooms, if more than one child is hoped for. However, there is simply nothing available, even in the most grotty, dangerous areas that anywhere nearly meets these requirements. The Conservatives are starting to wonder why so many marriages fail. Is it not obvious?

The "low cost starter homes" are a very poor solution also. They are not "low cost". They are unlikely to be "starter", as only people well into their 30s are likely to afford them. They are not "homes" either, being so cramped. Nobody with an existing house wants them built anywhere near them, since they often have a "social housing" element. They therefore tend to get built next to busy roads, which is inhumane, and leads to even more stress and consequent marriage failures. It is obviously a crazy concept anyway. A newly qualified driver does not immediately buy a brand new car, but will tend to buy an old banger. Why should housing be any different? Giving permission for flats to be built without provision for car parking, or permitting houses to be converted into flats when it is already hard to find a parking space nearby is also grossly irresponsible. The solution of course, is to only build new houses at the middle to upper end of the market, (at least 3-bed semi-detached houses) in keeping with the existing neighbouring houses. There would then be far fewer objections at the planning stage. Such properties would then gradually allow everyone to progress to better properties over a period of time. Such properties would be more readily able to incorporate eco-friendly features. For example, with a larger roof area, there would be more space for solar panels. With a garden, there would be room for a wind turbine on a separate pole. (A wind turbine attached to the house is not a good idea, due to vibration.) With a larger plot, the walls could be thicker, for better thermal insulation.

We are altogether far too generous towards foreigners who arrive in Britain, to our own significant detriment. So many problems follow from it, for example also, the number of cases of heterosexual HIV has risen dramatically under this Labour Government, largely due to the influx of carriers from Africa. The result is an annual additional cost of some 750 million pounds. This is cumulative. We simply cannot afford to continue to be so generous, not just financially, but it is causing serious harm to the indiginous population in many other ways too. The cost of congestion is very high. According to "The Economist" magazine (December 2nd 2006) the cost to the economy of chronic congestion is estimated to be 20 billion pounds per annum.

It is the crass stupidity and dishonesty of this Labour Government that I find so disturbing. They ignore the wise counsel of those who have knowledge and experience. They completely bypassed the Foreign Office, for example. That grinning fool Blair seems happy enough to virtually apologise for slavery, which none of us have had any influence over. One wonders what he will apologise for next. The Crusades, perhaps? However, he seems remarkably reticent when it comes to apologising for his own actions: The deaths and injuries of British service personnel, the death of Dr David Kelley, and not least, the deaths of many thousands of Iraqi civilians. We in Britain should be proud that our Christian forbears put an end to slavery worldwide, at least in the non-Muslim world.

Humanity needs peace not Islam.

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