Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Buggeringe boys

There are severe punishments for homosexuals under Sharia law. It is estimated that some 4000 may have been executed in Iran since the revolution in 1979.

However, buggering does not necesarily imply homosexuality. It can be used to assert domination.

Thomas Sherley, describing the Turks:

“For their Sodommerye they use it soe publiquely and impudentlye as an honest Christian woulde shame to companye his wyffe as they do with their buggeringe boys."

I am not sure of the date of this quotation, but judging by the style of the English language used, it must be from at least 300 years ago.

Amongst my own circle of good friends, I am happy to have friends who happen to be homosexuals. It grieves me greatly to think that these kind, gentle, creative people that I have the good fortune to have met, would be horribly slaughtered under this religion of "peace".

Humanity needs peace not Islam.


At 3:43 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apart from 72 virgins in paradise there is the option of "fresh boys with earrings and bracelets" to bugger presumably. So they eat swans have sex with sheep (the Sun newspaper) and bugger little boys. What are their shrouded women actually for?


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