Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bravo Boris!

The BBC "Question Time" programme of 16th November 2006 has significance.

Boris Johnson, Conservative MP for Henley, is the first politician, as far as I know, to have quoted from the Quran in public.

Boris is a bit of an embarrassment to his party at times. He is one of those people who is unable to prevent himself from speaking the truth, even if it is not "politically correct". Clearly a dangerous man!

He quoted a bloodthirsty verse from the Quran. Unfortunately, Boris has a habit of stumbling over his words, so it did not have full impact. The discussion then moved on to other matters.

Top marks for saying it Boris. However, next time may I suggest that you have it written down, say it forcefully, then follow it up with some bold words of your own, highlighting the dangers of these verses, and the inspiration that they give to Islamic terrorists.

Statements by Boris often result in some hullaballoo. For example, his comments on school meals. However, no media "noise" was generated from his quote of the Quran. This may be highly significant, perhaps indicating that the tide of opinion is turning.

Of interesting note also, one of the panelists, Iranian born Shappi Khorsandi made the following comment in the middle of Boris' quotation: "that's [quoting from] Mary Poppins". She would have known full well that Boris was quoting from the Quran.

Humanity needs peace not Islam.


At 1:07 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boris is a total dhinmmi slimy traitor.A must see was his performance recently presenting a tv prog on art in andulusia under the muslim invaders.His fawning over islam was vomit inducing,the man is a reptile


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