Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wither Islam?

At some time in the future, Britain will become an Islamic state if present trends continue. At that time, we will each have three choices: Either convert to Islam, or pay an additional tax as an acknowledgement of our inferiority and subjugation, or have our head cut off. None of these options is particularly inspiring!

It is a frequent misconception, or deliberate propaganda, that the word "Islam" means "peace". It does not. The word "Islam" is derived from the Arabic word "al-silm", which means "surrender" or "submission".

Within British law, a witness must "tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth". British law has its roots in Judaeo-Christian principles. Such principles of honesty do not apply within Islam. Mohammed himself ignored a peace treaty, and so there can be little hope that Muslims today will do otherwise. Peace treaties are regarded as temporary ceasfires, to be reneged when convenient, not as an end to hostilities. We have but to consider the frequent rocket attacks and bombings of civilians in Israel, following numerous peace treaties over the years, which demonstrates a basic dishonesty by Muslims.

You can see that this is so, from this quote from the Hadith:

"Whenever I tell you a narration from Allah's Apostle, by Allah, I would rather fall down from the sky than ascribe a false statement to him, but if I tell you something between me and you (not a Hadith) then it was indeed a trick (i.e., I may say things just to cheat my enemy)." Hadith Volume 9, Book 84, Number 64

Each of us is born with free will, and our own mind, to allow us to think rationally. Within practical constraints, we can choose our own course through life. We have the free will to choose our religious beliefs, or indeed to reject those beliefs that we may have been taught. I have no problems with religions other than Islam (Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Paganism etc). These other religions, as far as I know, do not call for non-believers to be slaughtered. It is your free choice what you wish to believe. You can believe in UFOs, or fairies at the bottom of the garden, and I really will not mind. However, when you believe that the aliens, or the fairies, or Allah is commanding you to cut off my head, simply because I do not believe the things that you do, then that is a serious problem for me, and indeed for the whole of humanity.

As I am not a Muslim, the Quran has no power over me at all. The Quran has numerous bloodthirsty verses, and maybe the particular verse that I quoted earlier was not the best choice. It matters little which verses I choose to read however, since I will certainly not carry out their instructions to slaughter, rape, torture or stone anybody. It is the case however, that the Quran is the single most significant document that inspires, condones, commands, and glorifies Islamic terrorism.

I am criticised for taking a verse out of context. However, Muslims generally are very good at taking words out of context. Consider the Pope's lecture. How many of the Muslims who burned effigies of the Pope, or burned Churches, or murdered a nun actually read the Pope's lecture? I suspect very few did. At the core of the Pope's lecture were two important points: Fistly, that God abhors bloodshed. Secondly, that faith without reason is nothing. By quoting from a Byzantine emperor, the Pope demonstrates that it has not been possible to have a reasoned dialogue with Muslims for at least the last 600 years.

My own motivation for studying the Quran has been to try to understand why Muslims would wish to blow us up. Finding numerous bloodthirsty verses goes a long way to explaining it. I do suspect however, that many Muslims do not really understand their own religion. For example, we are told that there is no god but Allah. However, the existence of three goddesses is rarely mentioned. They are: al-Lat and al-Uzza and Manat. One goddess, al-Lat, is associated with the moon, another, al-Uzza, with the evening star (Venus). Hence the crescent moon and star symbols found on the flags of many Islamic states, and on top of mosques etc. The third goddess, Manat, is associted with a pair of shears, with which she cuts the thread of life. (Maybe when it came to Jesus, this goddess had an argument with Allah. Maybe she cut the thread of life, and Allah restored it, hence the resurrection from the dead. Sorry, I am just being mischevous.) Prior to the rise of Islam, all three goddesses were worshipped at Mecca, together with their father, the moon god al-Llah (Allah). Go to the following website for more details: http://www.bible.ca/islam/

Mehmet Imamzade, thank you for your reply. However, you did not directly answer one of my questions: Do you believe that every verse in the Quran is the revealed word of Allah? In other words, was it the case that some verses were inspired by evil spirits or Satan? If so, how can we be sure which verses were inspired by good, and which verses were inspired by evil? If a chronologically later verse was inspired by evil, should it be permitted to abrogate an earlier verse that was inspired by good? Alternatively, if all verses in the Quran were inspired by Allah alone, how can it be that Allah would initially be good, and then later be evil? If Allah is all-knowing, why would he firstly say one thing, and later say something contradictory? Surely Allah can see the future, and would realise how confusing this would be? If the first statements were true, why would Allah subsequently lie? If the later statements are true, why had Allah lied initially?

I can see that you regard Islamic terrorists as not being true Muslims. However, it may well be that they consider you not to be a true Muslim either. Are there any Islamic terrorists, or terrorist sympathisers reading these words, who would like to state their point of view?

I can understand that you may be struggling with your faith. This is nothing to be ashamed of, and as I wrote a few paragraphs earlier, we are each born with free will, and a logical mind. It may be that I cannot help you very much with your struggle to find the truth, as I have never been a Muslim. However, I have found a website for former Muslims, which you may find useful: "The Apostates of Islam". http://www.apostatesofislam.com/

I do believe that Muslims themselves are the single largest group of victims of the Quran. There are well over one billion of our fellow humans, whose lives are blighted by following this religion of "peace".


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