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Are Allah and Yahweh the same entity?

The commonly held assumption is that yes they are one and the same. However, such an assumption may not be accurate.

Just because two entities share certain characteristics, does not mean that they are therefore the same thing. For example, the Bible and the Quran both describe the same persons, Abraham, Moses etc. The analogy is that a car is not the same as an aeroplane, just because they both have wheels as a shared characteristic.

Firstly, consider the family relationships. Allah has no sons, but at least in the early development of Islam, he appears to have been credited with three daughters. Reference to the daughters has not been completely erased from the Quran. Yahweh is credited with one son (at least according to Christian teaching), but no daughters. It does not seem possible to resolve these differences.

We are told that there is no god but Allah. However, the existence of three goddesses is rarely mentioned. They are: al-Lat and al-Uzza and Manat. One goddess, al-Lat, is associated with the moon, another, al-Uzza, with the evening star (Venus). Hence the crescent moon and star symbols found on the flags of many Islamic states, and on top of mosques etc. The third goddess, Manat, is associted with a pair of shears, with which she cuts the thread of life. Prior to the rise of Islam, all three goddesses were worshipped at Mecca, together with their father, the moon god al-Llah (Allah). Go to the following website for more details:

Secondly, what is the nature of revealed knowledge? It does appear that Prophets within the Bible will prophecy about those Prophets that are to follow them. These links span from the Old Testament to the New testament. It is not so clear that such a link can be made with Mohammed, in other words, from the Bible to the Quran. You would expect such prophetic links to be made if Allah and Yahweh are one and the same. If they are not the same, then you would expect to find references to false prophets. There are such references:

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit." Matthew 7:15-17

Unfortunately, such references are not very specific, so it is hard to ascribe one particular prophecy as a description of one particular historical character. Is it possible to have any definitive answers, or is the honest response to simply feel out of our depth?

Thirdly, we should surely look for some consistency in the revealed knowledge. It would be reasonable to expect that the initial revelations would only show part of the picture, or be a bit hazy. However, subsequent revelations should, one presupposes, expand the breadth of the picture, or fill in some of the finer details. If there is some apparent inconsistency, it bears further analysis. For the Quran, the chronologically earlier verses are generally tolerant, but the later verses are generally bloodthirsty. Abrogation means that the bloodthirsty verses take precedence. How can it be, however, that Allah would be initially kind, but change to being cruel later? I don't know, but it does seem rather suspect.

Fourthly, why is it that certain Islamic countries ban the Bible? If it is true that the Holy Book that is in Heaven was partly given to the Jews, partly given to the Christians, and partly given to Mohammed, then surely it is wrong for a state to withold a large proportion of the Holy Book? Where is the logic? By preventing Muslims from owning a Bible, does that imply that Allah and Yahweh are indeed separate entities?

It just seems so terribly sad that religious beliefs are used to justify murder. Today, we see such large numbers killed in the name of Islam. However, Christianity has much blood on its hands also. Anti-Semitism became mainstream, as Christianity became the official religion of Rome. The Crusades have left deep scars.

How can we tolerate the intolerant? The preachers of hatred in our midst, who send out young men with bombs, to murder and maim indiscriminately. There is no prospect of any end in sight.

Who can deny with conviction that a contrite Muslim, who behaves well and generously during their life, and who puts their trust in Allah, will not attain Paradise? Conversely, someone with the outward trappings of Christianity, but who has not love, can they realistically expect to attain Heaven? What reformations would be necessary, for Christianity as well as for Islam, for such a sentiment to be accepted? Is this purely naive wishful thinking?

However, if Christians truly believe that theirs is the one and only way to Heaven, why don't they say it a bit louder? Why is there a constant deference to Islam? Such deference simply re-inforces the Muslim's belief that Islam is superior. The effect of which is to maintain non-Muslims in a state of being second class citizens within Muslim countries.

Whether Paradise of the Quran, and Heaven of the Bible are the same entity, is another question.

Perhaps we need a much simpler philosophy: To tread gently upon the earth, and to cause harm to no-one. Surely religious-inspired violence has gone on for far too long already.

I appear to have more questions than answers, and feel ill-equipped to progress further. If you have any well-considered points to make, then feel free to add a comment.

Humanity needs peace not Islam.


At 3:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have recently been doing a little delving into Manachaean beliefs, they were somewhat the forerunners of christianity in one sence, because they practised baptism in water, they believed in Adam through to John the baptist, but record a split, when some began curcumsition and were considered impure for defileing their bodies this way. they worshiped the great life and had as their main god a Alaha.
Maybe this is where the confusion has come in, the interesting thing I read about them is that, they record in their history the time when Muhammed actualy turned up with the submit or die routine.
Only then they claim that Muhammed later converted to their faith, which would mean that the muslims beloved prophet was actually the first apostate.

At 6:25 pm, Blogger Lionheart said...

Many thanks for your informative comment. Ironic that Mohammed was the firts apostate. Could you give website or book details please?

With kind regards

At 2:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Firstly I must correct myself, in saying Manichaeans, I have researched quit a bit just lately.
On this occasion its Mandaeans im refering to also known as Sabeans.
They are the marsh arabs we know of who suffered under Saddam, but things are much worse for them now.

Links to their plight can be found

But the best links are found at
Those refer to Muhammeds conquest and convertion!

At 9:26 pm, Blogger BRITNEY BRITISH said...

Very interesting. I always thought the only difference was in our interpretation of what God is all about. Muslims see God as all powerful, judging, punishing, honouring. Christians see God as all seeing, understanding, forgiving and loving.

We'll all find out one day but I hope it's our God and not theirs. Imagine if we get stuck with a muslim God forever....and that's heaven!

At 10:09 am, Anonymous religion of pieces said...

What makes Islam such a 'wicked, vicious faith' is the way it slavishly accepts the satanic scumbag Mohammed as the perfect role model. If Mohammed performed an action then it must be pleasing to Allah. This means that Mohammedan ethics encourage its followers to ignore conscience, compassion and normal human decency when 'the Perfect Man' has set a precedent allowing them to do so.

If you're too lazy to work, then become a welfare parasite. The Kafirs owe you a living (Jizya) . You might also consider setting up an extortion racket and the occasional armed robbery. It's perfectly OK as long as the victims are Kafirs, because Mo did the same.

Do you disagree with someone's religious views? Chop their head off! That's how Mo won his theological debates, and Allah likes human sacrifice.

Are you fond of your daughter-in-law? Well go ahead and give her a good rogering like Mo did to Zainab.

Or maybe you like younger girls. Just sit the child on your lap and talk about the first thing that comes up. Chances are it will be mufa'khathat. No, it isn't a perversion. It's perfectly normal because that's the way 50-year-old Mo got his pleasure from Ayesha when she was aged between six and nine.

Mohammedanism is a magnet for psychopaths, sadists, child-molesters, thieves, fraudsters and scam merchants of all varieties. What other religion has a brothel-keeper for a god and a pimp for a prophet?

At 12:36 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the above post,you have hit the paedo on the head with what you say read any psychological texts on modeling behaviour,condioning and psychodynamics not to mention large doses of common sense and you can see why islam is what it is.fOLLOWERS OF THE RELEEGION OF PEESE,must emulate mo in every way they can ,this will never change mo could never change,now he lives on through time in his followers actions,murder beheadings raids,robberys,deciet,war,enslavement of others,theft of property,rape,paedophil;ia.all we call evil they call good indeed godly.There can never be any compromise with mos people because theyre all in their various ways lots of little mos,mos thoughts are in their heads from birth onwards few can break free of this vice like grip of insanity.So once more to the above post well said for hitting the nail on the head its all about mo cause mo is allah.

At 9:30 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is interesting to note that what you mention (religion of pieces)..."Mohammedanism is a magnet for psychopaths, sadists, child-molesters, thieves, fraudsters and scam merchants of all varieties" not happening to Muslims but actually happening to you kafirs especially in the USA and Europe


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