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Buddhist exemption from inheritance tax

Buddhist exemption from inheritance tax

A Buddhist does not need to pay any inheritance tax whatsoever.

This is how it works:

Buddhists are reincarnated. Within their will, they can decree that all of their posessions are simply transferred to the new incarnation of themselves. Since no other party is the beneficiary of the will, there is no inheritance tax to be paid.

How can you tell that a particular baby is the reincarnation of a particular deceased person? This is a problem that has already been addressed, at least in the case of the Dalai Lama. Various tests have been devised in order to be able to select the correct infant.

Furthermore, it appears to be possible for the person to have some influence over their future incarnation. This is demonstrated as the current Dalai Lama has declared that his next incarnation will be in territory that is not controlled by the Chinese.

So, for the purpose of avoiding inheritance tax, you could declare that you will be reincarnated as a baby born to a relative, your niece for example. The entire value of your estate will therefore benefit your relatives, without a single penny going to the tax man.

What it means of course is that non-Buddhists end up paying more tax, to make up for the shortfall that Buddhists are not paying.

Is this not quite outrageous? Of course it is. I made it up.

The point that I am making is that if you make concessions to one religious group, then you should in fairness make concessions to another religious group. Since various concessions have been made to Muslims, it would be perfectly reasonable for Buddhists to also benefit from special treatment. Avoiding payment of inheritance tax is quite reasonable in this context.

Muslims have been given the concession that they can take out bank loans at zero interest rate. This is because Islam forbids usuary.

However, if a Muslim were to take out an interest free loan, and put the money into a different account which bears interest, then they are effectively getting money for nothing. For example, borrowing one million ponds, interest free for a year, and putting it into a separate account bearing 5 percent interest would give 50,000 pounds interest. Even if the condition of the interest-free loan is that any "profit" is split equally (which appears to be the case typically), this still gives the Muslim 25,000 pounds for virtually no effort.

Of course, it is the non-Muslims who are paying for this, through our bank charges and the interest that we pay for our loans.

Is this not just as outrageous as the possibility that Buddhists need not pay inheritance tax? The difference of course, is that interest free loans for Muslims are happening right now.

The other concession to Muslims of course is the matter of Halal slaughter, which I have gone on about ad nauseam. Simply to state that if a non-Muslim were to kill an animal by slitting its throat without any pre-stunning, that person would quite rightly be prosecuted for cruelty to animals.

Perhaps any of us can start our own religion, and then claim special treatment. One that I have in mind I am calling "Automatonism". The central belief is that there is no such thing as free will. We are all pre-destined to follow exactly a pre-defined course through our lives. We are all automatons.

Since we have no free will, we also have no responsibility for our actions. Therefore I can steal as much as I like, and will not be arrested or appear before any courts. In addition, I do not need to purchase any car insurance, since if I cause an accident, it is not my fault since I have no free will.

So the concessions that I demand for my religion is that I can steal as much as I like, and I can cause as much harm to other people as I feel like, and be immune from any prosecution.

It is very clearly absurd to give anyone concessions on the basis of their belief in "Automatonism". Why is it any less absurd therefore to give concessions on the basis of their belief in "Islam"?

Humanity needs peace not Islam.


At 12:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do find the whole reincarnation idea a helpfull view for creating a better society, it certainly puts a new light on the reap what you sow train of thought.
Where as many people in the west grab and struggle for things in this life, no matter who gets trodden on, if people believed they kept returning to start all over again we would wish for a more fair society for all.
Be on the safe side!


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