Monday, January 29, 2007

Further points regarding David Cameron's horse meat

This message has been posted onto the "Web Cameron" website:

Please go to that website and add your vote, and hopefully these points will be answered by the man himself.

The hypocrisy of the Labour Government is clear in many ways. For example, Cabinet Ministers are quite happy to send their own children to fee-paying schools, whilst seriously eroding the educational opportunities of bright children from poorer backgrounds.

Now consider the very real harm caused by another form of discrimination promoted by this Labour Government: This is Halal slaughter.

If a non-Muslim were to slaughter an animal by slitting its throat, they would, quite rightly, be arrested and prosecuted for cruelty to animals. That the very same act committed by a Muslim should be legal, is simply bizarre. What a mad state of affairs we have got ourselves into.

The fact that Bristol University is carrying out research on pre-stunning for Halal slaughter would imply that pre-stunning is not currently applied universally.

Mine is not a lone voice crying in the wilderness. Here is a letter in The Daily Telegraph of 25th January 2007, which neatly makes a link between Catholic adoption and ritual slaughter.

The Lord Chancellor's position is that there can be no exceptions from a law on the basis of religious beliefs. But there already are. The law requires animals for slaughter to be rendered unconscious, by stunning or other means, before being killed. However, both Jewish and Muslim ritual slaughter is exempt on the grounds of religious requirements.
Sam Levy
London SW11

I suspect that the way this issue will play out is that Catholics will continue to run their adoption service, not for the reason that it is providing a positive benefit, but because this Labour Government will be spooked by the logical next step of banning Halal slaughter. Labour have an unhealthy reliance on the Muslim vote. There have also been a number of abuses of the postal voting system.

British values once encompassed truthfulness, honesty, and decency. Where have they gone? How ironic that this Labour Government are paying lip service to such values, when they themselves clearly fall far short.

A further example of Labour hypocrisy is that they have banned fox hunting, on the grounds of cruelty, whilst turning a blind eye to the avoidable cruelty of Halal slaughter, which affects a far larger number of animals.

Personally I am against fox hunting, even though I lost a pet hen to a fox many years ago. It was my own fault for not checking that they were all secure overnight. One strayed.

Pragmatically, the Conservatives will loose many votes if they make the restoration of fox hunting an election promise. They will also lay themselves open to the charge of hypocrisy, for being concerned for the welfare of horses but not foxes. In any case, the size of the fox population is primarily limited by the available food supply, not by hunting.

We must stop the cruelty to animals however it occurs, even if that is not popular in certain quarters. The abolition of slavery was not universally popular, yet it was the right thing to do.

At this time of Holocaust memorial, we must realise that mans inhumanity to animals is the first step towards mans inhumanity to man.

Humanity needs peace not Islam.


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