Monday, February 19, 2007

Raspberry and wasp flavoured yoghurt

The yoghurt that I was eating as part of my breakfast seemed unusually crunchy, so I spat it out. There were the remains, or at least part of the remains of an illegal stowaway. A wasp!

Here it is:

If only the illegal human stowaways entering Britain were as harmless as this specimen. There would not be too much of a problem (other than scarcity of resources). Here illegally, it is unlikely that they will find lawful occupations. Drug dealing, prostitution, financial scams, thievery and muggings, and other illegal activity We need proper security at our borders. The financial cost of such security is very likely far outweighed by the resulting cost of all the ensuing lawlessness.

No doubt these aliens will wish to own and drive a car. Being illegal however, means that they will have to drive without a license or insurance. The vehicle is therefore unlikely to be taxed or have an MOT (annual safety inspection). How many deaths or serious injuries have been caused to innocent British citizens by such illegal immigrants? Is it any wonder that the statistics for road accidents and deaths is increasing, even though the design of cars is improving in their safety features? Also, due to the ever-increasing number of speed cameras, the typical road speed is noticeably reducing.

What about H5N1 bird flu and the very apparent lack of bio-security at the Bernard Matthews turkey farms both in the UK and in Hungary? They have been criticised for allowing seagulls to eat the waste meat, and spread it to the turkey sheds. Also the turkey sheds have holes large enough for rodents to enter. Surely the disease could also be transferred by a fly travelling the few hundred yards between processing plant and turkey shed?

This Labour government has been failing the British people for too long. Too many harmful people and items (drugs, guns and ideologies) have been allowed to enter Britain. By contrast, a dead wasp in a pot of yoghurt is probably harmless, unless it first visited a turkey farm.

I shall continue to eat this type of yoghurt because it is soya based, and supposed to be good against cholesterol. However I shall check it first by emptying the contents of the pot into a separate bowl.

It only takes a small amount of harmful entity to spoil a much larger wholesome entity.

Humanity needs peace not Islam.


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