Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sir Isaac Newton regarding Islam

Here are quotes from Sir Isaac Newton regarding Islam:

"The Mahometan religion tho spread by conquest is not yet grown so universal, the Christian tho spread by the divine assistance & at length backt by the Roman Empire is less universal than the Mahometan."


"All other religions have been set on foot for politique ends, this is of a contrary nature. The heathens out of flattery worshipped the ancestors of their kings & the Mahometans the founder of their Empire such religions men are prone to: but Abraham fled his country for the sake of his religion & Christ & his disciples suffered persecutions even unto death for 300 years together for the sake of theirs."

No doubt Newton would be expelled from Cambridge University if he were to write such inflammatory remarks today.

We see that a student of Cambridge University, perhaps ill-advisedly given the threat to his safety, has re-published a couple of the Danish cartoons.

It may be that this student will be expelled. Coincidentally, he is studying mathematics and physics, and clearly has some interest in theology. Very much following in Newton's footsteps therefore.

One hopes that the University authorities have some understanding of the truth about Islam. As Newton himself has stated:

"When thou art convinced be not ashamed of the truth but profess it openly & indeavour to convince thy Brother also." (Yahuda Ms. 1.1 f. 6r).

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The MSM have refused to report this:

Could it have been a grooming gone wrong? The girl was around the right age:

Cambridge Tooniversity bans free speech about Islam...

I (religion of pe) recently published the 20 most menacing aspects of the death cult at

Islam has a paedophile for a prophet, and a brothel-keeper for a god.

Jesus said "By their fruits ye shall know them".

Real religions bring out the best in people, Islam does the opposite.




Bursar - Hearn, Mr D

Dean - Greeves, Revd R

The Master - Badger, Prof A J

MCR President - Doupe, Mr David

UCS President - Davey, Mr Calum

Acting Senior Tutor - Fara, Dr P


Humanity needs peace not Islam.


At 4:16 am, Blogger William McKenzie said...

You missed an important quote by Sir Isaac Newton in reference to the sounding of the 5th angel in the book of Revelation:

"Swarms of locusts often arise in Arabia fælix, and from thence infest the neighbouring nations: and so are a very fit type of the numerous armies of Arabians invading theRomans. The King of these locusts was the Angel of the bottomless pit, being chief governor as well in religious as civil affairs, such as was the Caliph of the Saracens [Muslims]." - Sir Issac Newton - Observations Upon the Prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. John


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