Monday, February 19, 2007

Wither Islam? A poem


God abhors bloodshed.
Mankind adores God.
Mankind does not abhor bloodshed.
Does God adore Mankind?

Allah does not abhor bloodshed.
Mohammed adores Allah.
Mohammed does not abhor bloodshed.
Does Allah adore Mohammed?

Mankind adores Mohammed.
Mankind adores bloodshed.
Mankind adores Allah.

Bloodshed is Allah. Allah is bloodshed.
God abhors bloodshed.
God abhors Allah

Mankind abhors Mohammed.
Mankind abhors bloodshed.

Adore Allah? Oh God!

St George True (


The poem, together with the following message, have been placed on the Web Cameron website.

David, it is important for you to have a correct and reasonably thorough understanding of the truth about Islam.

If you read the Quran, it is vitally important that you first understand the concept of "abrogation". This means that the chronologically earlier, more tolerant verses are cancelled out by the later bloodthirsty verses.

An excellent description of abrogation is given on the Faith Freedom website. This website is written by ex-Muslims, so they should know.

Britain is at very serious risk from Islam itself, not just Islamic radicals or terrorists.

I appreciate that you have a busy schedule, but this is a matter of the greatest significance and demands your attention.

Firstly you must gain a true understanding of the threat of Islam itself.
You must then pledge yourself to do whatever is necessary to protect the British people from this menace.

This will require you to have great courage. You do not have that courage yet, but I perceive that you have the potential to gain it. If you can do this, you could one day stand alongside Churchill as one of the great leaders of Britain.

Can you agree to take the first step at least? The first step is to study the Faith Freedom website.

Quoting Sir Isaac Newton:

"When thou art convinced be not ashamed of the truth but profess it openly & indeavour to convince thy Brother also." (Yahuda Ms. 1.1 f. 6r).

Humanity needs peace not Islam.


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