Wednesday, July 11, 2007

7/7/2005 the second anniversary

It is two years since the 7/7 bombings. My heart goes out to those who have received physical injuries and mental scars, and to the friends and relatives of those who perished.

It is simply fortuitous that the recent bombing attempts have failed, and we cannot assume that they will always fail.

You would think that our political leaders would have "got it" by now, but they appear to be as ignorant as ever. Certainly that is the impression given by Gordon Brown and Jack Straw in recent days. They are more interested in appeasement than in stating the truth about Islam. David Cameron, possibly, is starting to open his eyes, but from his speech at an Islamic conference in London a few weeks ago, it is clear that he has much to learn. Let us hope that he can learn quickly. They have no excuse for ignorance any more, you can see that I have been doing my bit, by posting messages onto the Conservatives "security policy" message board. I await their report, which is due out in September I understand. This does not give them much time to get their act together before the party conferences, or possibly an autumn election.

Islam is simply riddled with bizarre notions, and it is quite easy to highlight these in a humorous way. For example: Given that the majority of the inhabitants of hell are women, where are the 72 virgins in paradise per suicide bomber coming from? Surely they cannot be infidel women! Nobody objected to rude songs about Hitler in WW2, and so, given that we are under attack from Islamic terrorists, the guardians of "political correctness" can hardly object. Nobody has ever been blown to pieces by a cartoon. Humour is one way of coping with a situation that is dire.


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