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Straw and Rushdie, and proof that Allah is not all-knowing or wise

On 3rd July 2007 Jack Straw appeared on Channel 4 news, and stated that the recent bombing attempts should be seen as merely criminal acts and nothing to do with Islam. Whilst it is true that they are criminal acts, it is far from being that simple and we must consider the motivation. A normal criminal, a thief for example, does it for selfish reasons. A suicide bomber does it because he believes sincerely that he is doing the will of Allah. However much we may disagree with such a belief, there is no doubt that such beliefs are strongly held, and that the suicide bomber is showing a high level of courage and selflessness. Is it any surprise that the public trust in politicians is so low, when we hear such utter nonsense from senior politicians such as Jack Straw? It is clearly a vain attempt at appeasement. Contrast this with Salman Rushdie. I am delighted that he has been knighted, although I would have considered his upholding of truth to have been more significant than his literary efforts. Please read his article "Yes, This Is About Islam" written in response to 9/11, it is still highly relevant. The article is available from the Faith Freedom website (www DOT faithfreedom DOT org) the link is below. It remains unclear to me quite where the Conservatives stand. Are you for appeasement, or are you for proclaiming the truth, even if it is unpopular in certain quarters? There is no middle way. You need to make up your minds very rapidly now, as the future of Britain is in the balance.
Rushdie article


The above message, with the title "Straw and Rushdie" has been placed on the Conservatives "security policy" message board. The following expands on the issues raised.

It has been known for many centuries by Islamic scholars that certain verses in the Quran had been inspired by satan. Such verses have been removed, but their tell-tale fingerprints remain. Briefly described, there were verses which recognised the existence of three goddesses, known as the daughters or the companions of Allah. Of course, their existence was not compatible with strict monotheism, and so these beliefs were later removed. The excuse given was that these verses were inspired by satan, rather than by the angel Gabriel. When Salman Rushdie raised these and other embarrasing difficulties in his book "The Satanic Verses" there was uproar and death threats. Nevertheless, any Islamic scholar, if they are being honest, will acknowledge that some verses had been inspired by satan. This of course raises a further difficult question: Are there any other verses that remain in the Quran today that have been inspired by satan, but ae not currently recognised as such?

Let me suggest that the instructions relating to Ramadan fasting are in that category. If they are not however, and were indeed handed down from Allah, then it demonstrates clearly that Allah is not all-knowing or wise.

The Ramadan fast occurrs for a whole month. The month of Ramadan moves around the year, sometimes it is in the winter, and sometimes it is in the summer. It is not a true fast, in other words it is permissible to eat and drink during the night, or if you are travelling you are exempt. However, during daylight hours it is not permissible to eat or drink.

There is a problem however for anyone living to the north of the arctic circle. If Ramadan occurrs during the winter, the sun does not rise, and so you can eat and drink whenever you like. But it could not honestly be considered to be a fast. The serious problem exists when Ramadan occurrs during the summer. The sun does not set, so there is no night, and so it is not permissible to eat or drink at all. You would surely die. However, you can eat and drink if you are travelling. Incidentally, if you are travelling, you are also exempt from saying prayers. We see the curious result, that there are five rush hours per day in Islamic countries. The car occupants are not actually going anywhere, they are just driving round in circles in order to avoid praying.

If Allah was all-knowing, he would have known that the sun does not set north of the arctic circle during the summer. If he did know that (which you would have thought would be the case if he had created the solar system), then he was not very wise when devising the fasting rules for observing Ramadan. But the simplest explanation is that Allah was not aware of the existence of the arctic circle.

The poem below highlights these and other difficulties within Islam.

The Muslim Eskimo! A poem

(No disrespect to Eskimos intended)

I have (praise be) seen the light
With the Prophet as my guide
I pray to Allah day and night
To unbelievers woe betide
You cross my path and you will know
I am a Muslim Eskimo!

Of huskies I had a band
Now gone the dirty dogs
Unclean in manner and
So it is true are hogs.
Sheep are good in many ways though
I am a Muslim Eskimo!

I use my sheep to pull my sled
But they run slow
Many end up dead
My life is woe
By Allah on I go
I am a Muslim Eskimo!

The women are scarce round here
Too many a Muslim brother
Taken many wives I fear
But the sheep I can bother
Between me and ewe. No?
I am a Muslim Eskimo!

By stealth and by guile I fight
Into my right hand posess
A lively woman. Every night
When I want I caress
And into my tilth I go
I am a Muslim Eskimo!

By and by wives two three and four
I am occupied, busy now
Offspring by the score
We are become a tribe but how
With mouths to feed, what to do?
I am a Muslim Eskimo!

The solution I espy
I approach quite near
Christians! Joyfully I cry
I can tax them very dear
To demonstrate superiority though
I am a Muslim Eskimo!

My wives' bellies get fat
The Christians are getting skinny
I wear a wooly hat
The days are somewhat chilly
The Christians start to die, but so?
I am a Muslim Eskimo!

The days are short and
The nights are long
Now is the feast of Ramadan
Plenty of exercise for the tongue
Mutton and butter and ample dough
I am a Muslim Eskimo!

A few years come and go
All praise to Allah above
I can see a problem though
It is: The nights have
Gone. All is woe
I am a Muslim Eskimo!

Now is the fast of Ramadan
A whole month long
With not a drop to drink and
Not to eat. My tongue
Has turned yellow
I am a Muslim Eskimo!

We are all faint
With hunger
We taint
Our anger
And curse our Mo
I am a Muslim Eskimo!

An idea pops into my head
A travelling we must go
Quick get the sled
Rouse the sheep and so
Through the snow we plough
I am a Muslim Eskimo!

If you travel you may eat
And drink. Make merry
What a genius feat
To move and not to tarry
Happy I am now though
I am a Muslim Eskimo!

Making endless circles in the snow
My plan is in action
Not a single problem so
Let us eat luncheon
We feast and guzzle as we go
I am a Muslim Eskimo!

But look, our provisions are all eaten
We shall eat the sheep that pull the sled
We are not so easily beaten
That one there, grab its head
Slit its throat so
I am a Muslim Eskimo!

The red blood flows upon the pristine white
The animal struggles for a minute or two
Then the end, its last fight
Chop chop, a piece for me and a piece for you
Halal we keep, the rest we throw
I am a Muslim Eskimo!

One by one the sheep are gone
Slower and slower runs the sled
Of further progress there is none
Now for certain we are all dead
This is the last terrible low
I am no more a Muslim Eskimo!

There is a lesson from the Arctic
Know full well. This is certain
Islam is a miserable trick
Long overdue for its final curtain
Reincarnation works for me now
I was a Muslim Eskimo!

St George True

Humanity needs peace not Islam.


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