Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Message placed on the Conservatives "security policy" message board:

The members of the Security Policy study group should read the Quran, but do so with at least some understanding of abrogation. You will then come to realise that my earlier points are valid, in particular regarding integration. Those who are in positions of leadership should be at least one or two steps ahead of those who follow. It is the case that an increasing number of the electorate are gaining an understanding of the Quran, and expect no less effort from those who wish to lead. A letter in the Daily Telegraph (16th June 2007) discusses recent events on Israel's borders, but can only allude to the wider problem Our limitation of freedom of expression in the supposedly free press seriously hampers our ability to discuss the root of the problem in detail. Our politicians lack understanding and are easily manipulated by those who wish to destroy us. But within the ranks of the Conservative Party you have some good people. Michael Gove MP has written the excellent book "Celsius 7/7" which analyses the appeasement leading so tragically to the London bombings. Quoting from the book: "We need to display resolution in the way we pay for our security, ensuring that our intelligence services and armed services are funded properly. We also need to ensure that they get the political leadership they deserve to tackle the problems we face. That means a leadership prepared to recognize the essential link between the display of weakness in the past and the Islamist advance we face today.". It is of primary importance that some real leadership is shown urgently. It is of secondary importance which political party gains the required courage first. Fortuna favet fortibus: Ask Mrs Thatcher to explain what that means.


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