Monday, February 26, 2007

Helping those at threat from Islam

I have in mind to start a charitable organisation, with the aim of giving support to those who have been harmed by Islam. In the first instance, this will help those who fall victim within Britain, but it is very clear that this is highly relevant in other close neighbours, such as France, The Netherlands, Sweden etc.

This is at a very early stage of being put in place. At present, it is little more than an idea. There is no name yet finalised, nor a website, nor a means of transferring funds securely and anonymously. However, where there is a need, and a willingness to actually do something about it, there will be ways found to cause it to happen. We can be inspired by William Wilberforce, who through sheer persistence against considerable opposition was able to put an end to slave trading 200 years ago.

We are familiar with the victimisation of non-Muslims by Muslims in countries such as the Sudan, Nigeria, and Thailand. However, it is seldom mentioned that there are also serious problems in Britain and other European countries.

Within our cities, as the Muslim areas expand, there is considerable strife and attacks on non-Muslims. These go largely unreported by the mainstream media.

The purpose of this Appeal is to provide material assistance to those non-Muslims who are being displaced from their homes, so that they can start their lives afresh in a safer area. Often there is a considerable financial loss incurred by the victim, not simply due to the cost of moving, but also because their house or flat will fetch a much lower price than it would, if it were not in an area of conflict. This Appeal will assist with at least partially offsetting this cost, and will permit the innocent victim to re-establish their life, free of fear.

We aim to also provide advice and information, both to the victims themselves, but also to the Police, Social Services and other organisations who may become involved, to help them to understand the roots of the problem.

Another group who are very significantly victims of Islam are apostates. These are ex-Muslims who have realised the truth about Islam, and have turned their back on it. Such people are very brave, and are deserving of our support as they seek to build a new life. It is very likely that their Muslim relatives will disown them, and indeed will cause them considerable harm, even to the point of murdering them. Of course, every effort will be made to establish the bona fides of these individuals, so that funds are not given inappropriately.

The recipients of this Appeal will be provided with assistance on the basis of urgency. Those who have recieved credible death threats will be assisted with the highest priority, but should contact the Police in the first instance.

Assistance is given irrespective of gender, race, religious background, or whether straight or gay. Of course, whilst Muslims themselves can be considered to be the greatest victims of Islam, it would not make any logical sense for this organisation to help them, unless they will firstly completely turn away from Islam.

The (no name yet) Appeal organisation is not afiliated to any political party. Neither does it promote any particular religion as an alternative to Islam, although there are comitted Christians among its founders. It should be noted that Hindus and Sikhs are also very often victims of Islam in Britain and in other European countries. It is to be hoped that we will establish strong links with the Hindu and Sikh communities, as our work progresses.

Often when a serious offence is comitted by a Muslim, the mainstream media will describes them as "Asian". This unfortunately tars the law-abiding Hindu and Sikh communities with the same brush, and is most unfair.

We have made a conscious decision that we will not apply for charitable status. In this way, we will not be beholden to officialdom, which would very probably compromise the scope of our work. Since tax relief is given to registered charities, in effect the taxpayers are providing a donation. It would not be appropriate for the (no name yet) Appeal organisation to receive these effective donations from Muslim taxpayers, who would very likely object that their tax payments are being used for purposes that they are in disagreement with.

The whole of humanity is offended by the bloodthirsty teachings that exist within the Quran, and which indeed form an integral part of Islam itself. We who form the (no name yet) Appeal organisation are motivated not by personal greed or by self-agrandisement, but simply because we are comitted to doing the right thing. Join with us in this vitally important task.


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