Monday, February 19, 2007


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Humanity needs peace not Islam.

01 Introduction to the threat of Islam in Britain

02 Does the Quran glorify terrorism?

03 Anger at Pope's speech

04 Cartoons 01

05 Cartoons 02

06 Cartoons 03

07 Cartoons 04

08 Cartoons 05

09 The Pope is a genius!

10 The Pope calls for an end to Islamic violence, and churches burn

11 Carey speech on Islam 2004

12 Rowan Williams on Prince Charles Defender of the Faith

13 QC recognises the irony of Islamic violence

14 Ann Widdecombe Conservative MP champions free speech

15 It is just not Cricket

16 The cruelty of Halal slaughter

17 Is the Church of England cursed by God?

18 The Straw that broke the camel's back

19 Ten questions that the Conservatives must ask

20 Censored?

21 A man of integrity

22 Veiled threat

23 The problem with the Quran

24 White flag

25 A possible solution for Iraq

26 BNP Trial: Griffin and Collett not guilty.

27 Waste of effort

28 There is hope

29 Bravo Boris!

30 Wither Islam?

31 An interesting exchange

32 Buggeringe boys

33 HELP ME if you can

34 Halal swan


36 "Glories of Islam" bias.

37 Censored by the Conservatives

38 No freedom of speech

39 Support for Apostates

40 Charged with congestion of the brain

41 Email message sent to Members of Parliament.

42 M&S Halal

43 New Scientist Halal

44 Can Islam coexist with democracy?

45 Email message sent to Members of Parliament.

46 Happy Christmas Tony Blair

47 They don't have the foggiest

48 FREE 2007 Calendar

49 Does Rowan Williams believe the Bible?

50 Two excellent books

51 Blair is confused

52 Are Allah and Yahweh the same entity?

53 Church of England Dhimmitude

54 Undercover Mosque

55 Undercover Mosque Transcript

56 Gordon Brown Inspired

57 EU: Turkish Accession

58 David Cameron's horse meat

59 Labour intolerance

60 Further points regarding David Cameron's horse meat

61 Policy Exchange report

62 Salman Rushdie: Yes, This Is About Islam

63 Who are the Nazis now?

64 Afghan poppy crop

65 Home Secretary: "My friend"

66 Conservatives: You do not understand

67 Monkeys and pigs

68 What can a Christian eat?

69 Buddhist exemption from inheritance tax

70 Sir Isaac Newton regarding Islam

71 The gravity of the situation

72 Raspberry and wasp flavoured yoghurt

73 University funding

74 Wither Islam? A poem

75 The Muslim Eskimo! A poem


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