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Halal and Kosher

If Britain is to remain a strong and effective friend of Israel in the decades to come, then there needs, I believe, to be more practical action by the Jewish community in Britain. I hope that they can come to understand the logic of my argument below, and have sufficient flexibility to take the necessary step. The required compromise is small relative to the great benefits that will in time follow from this step: A Britain freed from the Islamic influence that is currently strengthening itself daily within our borders, and an Israel with a strong and steadfast friend.

There have been far too many compromises with Islam in Britain. These clearly demonstrate the weakness of our political leaders in the face of a concerted and persistent onslaught by Islam, which is destroying our traditional Judeo-Christian values. Every time that Islam gives a push, our so called leaders back down, in order to avoid making a fuss. This appeasement must stop right now, in every single facet and way that it shows itself.

One such facet is the entirely avoidable cruelty of Halal slaughter. The throat of the animal is slit, but it takes up to two minutes for the animal to loose consciousness, during which time it clearly is suffering pain. The British public cannot abide to see animals in distress, and if democratic principles were applied to this issue, then this practice would certainly be banned. Unfortunately this method of slaughter is very similar to the Jewish Kosher method, which has very probably been the cause of lack of progress towards a humane approach in Britain.

But there is hope. Unlike Islam, Judaism has a long history of applying reasoned arguments. It may well be that slitting the throat of an animal was the best available slaughter method three millennia ago, when the religious laws were being laid down. But our knowledge has progressed, and we can surely do better than that today. If Judaism could mandate pre-stunning prior to throat slitting, that would show a true humane action towards animals, and also put Islam under strong pressure to reform its own acts.

The future of Britain is in the hands of the next generation. However they are receiving mixed messages regarding the treatment of animals. On one hand, there is great concern shown for animals in various television programmes presented by Bill Oddie, Kate Humble, Ben Fogle or David Attenborough. On the other hand, the food that they are served in their school canteens is increasingly slaughtered using the Halal method. Often the children and their parents are not even told that this is the case, but it only transpires later that such practices are widespread. There is a great fury and resentment growing.

Within retailing, see how much the Islamic influence has already progressed. Harrods does not permit service personnel wearing uniform into its store. And yet without their sacrifices, Britain would not have resisted the Nazis, and there would very probably be no State of Israel today. Both the Nazis and Islam have the aim to exterminate Jews. Now there is speculation that the Sainsburys supermarket may be taken over by wealthy Arabs. If that were to happen, then it is strengthening the probability that Halal slaughter will become the standard method throughout Britain, as is the case with New Zealand already. Where do the other supermarkets stand on this issue? It is very hard to find out. Some six months ago, Marks and Spencer ran a well publicised advertising campaign highlighting their positive approach to animal welfare. I sent them an email, copied below, enquiring about their policy towards Halal slaughter. Apart from an acknowledgement that they had received my message, I did not receive a reply. Do they have something to hide? Curiously enough, they dropped that line of advertising not long after I sent my email. Merely a coincidence? Perhaps someone with the appropriate contacts could get an answer, but it is clearly not one that the general public will be privy to.

Britain is already compromised in many ways by the appeasement of Muslims within our shores. The Jewish community must come to realise that it is in the enlightened self interest of their own community, and the interests of the Jewish people elsewhere and particularly in Israel that the cruel method of Halal slaughter must be ended in Britain. We can strengthen each other, but by being divided over these matters we are weak. Islam senses that weakness, and it encourages them to push ever harder.

The rising tide of antisemitism in Britain fills me with horror. How on earth can it have taken such a hold in Britain? Did the struggle against the Nazis by our parents and grandparents count for nothing? I feel great sadness and shame, because we have largely ceased to believe in ourselves and our principles, which has enabled all manner of deluded thinking to take hold in its place.

I stand with Israel. That small nation of 5 million people, the size of Wales, stands surrounded by 500 million, many of whom wish to see it destroyed. The reason why they are antisemitic is clear for anyone to see, simply by reading the Quran.

The rising tide of antisemitism within Britain has been highlighted by a Channel 4 programme "The War on Britain's Jews" (9th July 2007). Violence, desecration of graveyards, vandalism and intimidation directed towards Jewish people have doubled since 2001. Historically antisemitism had been the preserve of the far right. There is today a bizarre alliance between the far left and the radical Muslims. The former have put aside many of their beliefs (pro-feminism, anti-homophobia) in order to unite with Hizbollah supporters, with antisemitism as a common cause. Such sentiments have spilled over to university and college lecturers, and to journalists unions. They should know better. Clearly there has been some powerful brainwashing and misinformation spreading. Why do we not see such programmes produced by the BBC?

Humanity needs peace not Islam.


Copy of an email sent to Marks and Spencer in December 2006. Other than an acknowledgement of receipt, they did not reply.

Dear Sir or Madam

I very much welcome the active stance that M&S has towards animal welfare.

I have looked at the website of the Farm Animal Welfare Council (, and have read their document 'Report on the Welfare of Farmed Animals at Slaughter or Killing'

Regarding Halal slaughter:

"195. When a very large transverse incision is made across the neck a number of vital tissues are transected including: skin, muscle, trachea, oesophagus, carotid arteries, jugular veins, major nerve trunks (e.g. vagus and phrenic nerves) plus numerous minor nerves. Such a drastic cut will inevitably trigger a barrage of sensory information to the brain in a sensible (conscious) animal. We are persuaded that such a massive injury would result in very significant pain and distress in the period before insensibility supervenes."

Can you reassure me that M&S do not sell any Halal meat, or Halal meat products?

Do you also check whether pet food contains Halal meat?

With kind regards


The following text has been copied from the Marks and Spencer website:

Animal wellfare

At Marks & Spencer we work closely with our suppliers to ensure they raise their animals using high standards of animal health, husbandry and welfare. And we have a team of animal welfare specialists who inspect our farms to ensure this is the case.

We’ve based our welfare policy on recommendations from the UK’s Farm Animal Welfare Council, which include what are known as the Five Freedoms. Therefore we ensure our animals have freedom:

from hunger and thirst
from discomfort
from pain, injury and disease
to express normal behaviour
from fear and distress

We realise animal health and welfare is closely linked, so we always provide animals with the appropriate veterinary care if needed – although we only use medicines if it’s absolutely necessary to ensure good health and welfare. Working closely with experts, we’re looking at ways of monitoring our husbandry systems to reduce the amount of medicines we use in the future. For example we do not permit the use of growth-promoting antibiotics in the diets of any animal used in our fresh meat, poultry, eggs or milk.

At Marks & Spencer we know exactly where animals used for our food come from and what they’ve been fed. This helps us ensure they’re provided with a suitable, safe and nutritious diet. We don't allow meat, bone meal or any unauthorised feed products in any of our livestock diets. In addition we've removed GM ingredients from the diets of animals which produce our fresh beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, eggs, farmed salmon and milk.


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