Monday, August 06, 2007

The Church of England has lost its mettle

It is painfully obvious that the Church of England is in no fit state to oppose the creeping Islamification of Britain. It has lost its mettle.

There is a preoccupation with the question of gay Bishops, meanwhile serious matters are not being properly addressed. The C of E is too much "up its own arse", to put it crudely.

In the same week that we read in the newspapers that the lead is being stripped from Church roofs, due to the soaring demand for metal in India and China, we also read that numerous children's toys of Chinese manufacture are having to be recalled, due to the lead in the paint.

It is perhaps ironic that the Church, which is considered by some to be poisoning the minds of children, is being denuded so that children can be provided with toys which poison their brains instead.

Of considerable concern also is the apparent laxity of our border security. If it is easy to export large quantities of heavy metals via illegal channels, then presumably it is equally easy to import heavy metals also via illegal channels. What confidence can we have, if any, that radioactive heavy metals such as uranium are not being imported illicitly? A dirty bomb seems highly likely. I hope that I am wrong.


At 11:02 pm, Blogger BRITNEY BRITISH said...

Hello.....just to let you know I'm blogging again after my six month break. I must be mad ;) Come over and let me know what's been happening? Anything I should know about? Sorry for the spam.

At 8:01 am, Blogger English kaffir. said...


OVERWORKED nurses have been ordered to stop all medical work five times every day to move Muslim patients’ beds so they face towards Mecca.
The lengthy procedure, which also includes providing fresh bathing water, is creating turmoil among overstretched staff on bustling NHS wards.
But despite the havoc, Mid- Yorkshire NHS Trust says the rule must be instigated whenever possible to ensure Muslim patients have “a more comfortable stay in hospital”.
And a taxpayer-funded training programme for several hundred hospital staff has begun to ensure that all are familiar with the workings of the Muslim faith.
The scheme is initially being run at Dewsbury and District Hospital, West Yorkshire, but is set to be introduced at other hospitals in the new year.
It comes on the back of the introduction in some NHS hospitals last year of Burka-style gowns for Muslim patients who did not wish medical staff to see their face while operating or caring for them.
Last night critics slammed the procedure and claimed the NHS would be better off investing its resources in tackling killer superbugs such as C.diff and MRSA.
One experienced nurse working at Dewsbury said: “It would be easier to create Muslim-only wards with every bed facing Mecca than have to deal with this.
“Some people might think it is not that big a deal, but we have a huge Muslim population in Dewsbury and if we are having to turn dozens of beds to face Mecca five times a day, plus provide running water for them to wash before and after prayers, it is bound to impact on the essential medical service we are supposed to be providing.
“Although the beds are designed to be moved, the bays are not really suitable for having loads of beds moved around to face a different direction, and despite our best efforts it does cause disruption for non-Muslim patients.”
The changes have been instigated by Dewsbury and District Hospital’s chief matron, Catherine Briggs, after she held a series of consultation meetings with local Asian GPs, ethnic minority patients groups and Muslim chaplain Ilyas Dalal to find out what staff could do to further improve Muslim patients’ experience of the NHS.
In accordance with the rules of Islam, Muslims are required to pray five times a day. The religion dictates they must wash themselves in running water prior to prayer and must be facing in the direction of Mecca while praying. Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, is revered as the birthplace of the prophet Mohammed, who was born around 570AD.
Turning beds so they face towards Mecca was a key proposal put forward during the hospital meetings, along with suggestions that Muslim women should only be seen by female doctors.
Although the Trust, which also oversees hospitals in Wakefield and Pontefract, could not guarantee women-only doctors, they agreed that “wherever possible” specific patient requests would be carried out.
Mrs Briggs said: “Some of our former Muslim patients suggested that a more informed understanding of the Islamic cultures would help staff to further improve their service.”
Last night Conservative MP David Davies said: “Hospitals should be concentrating on stopping the spread of infections than kow-towing to the politically correct brigade.
“If the need for fresh running water is so great then perhaps family members could be on hand to assist the already overworked medical staff.”

At 2:27 pm, Blogger English Rose said...

That's why there is a urgency to do what's right and it must come soon.

At 11:46 am, Anonymous truthseaker said...

The church of England went bottom up a few Arch Bishops ago, though after they enrolled the last one. The Arch Druid, what else would anyone expect. The stupidity of all of this is we the insignificant plebs, can clearly see what is happening with islam in this Country. We who the powers that be seem to think, can not read or even watch the news. Think that we have not read that evil book the quran & seen what vile things are there in. We as meer plebs do not have much power as such, but we all need to write to our own MP's & tell them about this evil & what we know. We have to tell them that they do something about it & do so quick. Its about time that the majority of the population of this Country got together & told the Government exactly what we thing about this & tell them what they ARE going to do about it. It does not help the open door policy that this Gov has with regard to immigration, that now is a total joke. I hate to say this but I can see that in the future, if the powers that be do not deal with this soon. There will be riots in the streets, there will be deaths, gangs roaming the streets, vigilante groups & so many of them that no matter what they Gov do, they will not be able to stop it & all because they stood by & did nothing now. All non muslims will rise to protect themselves & there families as the Gov will not nor would not do so. I do pray that this will not happen, though I am sad to say I think it will. Some how, some way we need to reach all the people of this country & show them the truth of what is going on & in doing so, we also need to get some kind of organisation together to stand for the truth & to be able to reach & talk to the Gov telling them the facts & showing them just how many of us there are behind that group. That being the case after they see just how many people there are behind that, they hopefully would then start to do something about this cult of death.

At 5:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 10:53 am, Blogger chris282 said...

Hi from Australia. I cannot believe what the British government, CofE and media are allowing in the name of multiculturalism. Until recently I was completely unaware of this situation, but after reading Londonistan and America Alone I am very concerned at where the UK is heading.

From what I can see, your leftist politicians will not stop until they have achieved the complete islamification of Britian.

In Australia we have our own difficulties with Islam however these pale in comparison with Britian. Good luck.

At 10:54 am, Blogger chris282 said...

Hi from Australia. I cannot believe what the British government, CofE and media are allowing in the name of multiculturalism. Until recently I was completely unaware of this situation, but after reading Londonistan and America Alone I am very concerned at where the UK is heading.

From what I can see, your leftist politicians will not stop until they have achieved the complete islamification of Britian.

In Australia we have our own difficulties with Islam however these pale in comparison with Britian. Good luck.

At 6:14 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Geert Wilders falls, then Freedom of speech is dead in Europe. We are launching an extensive International Action SITA including two possible texts ; one comparing Wilders and Winston Churchill and another Wilders and Charlie Chaplin:

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At 12:46 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a British Muslim. I just came across your website whilst I was googling for something else. I think if I try explaining that Islam is a peace loving religion and that the koran is the true word of god, the god of Abraham, Jesus, Moses my words would fall on deaf ears. This is understandable as past history for those of us who are of the Abrahamic faiths, shows that when the men of god, i.e the prophets came to reveal the message that there is one god and to obey the rule of god not everyone was happy about the divine message. Moses experienced it as he went to Mount Sinai to receive the ten commandments some of the people left behind made a mockery of god. Jesus and Mohammed experienced the same sentiments from the people at their time. I am not saying that muslims are all good there are good and bad amongst us. The bad are the ones that have corrupted our religion and do not adhere to it. There are bad amongst the Christians and teh Jews that have done the same. But I believe we are all here to test each other and I have patience to listen to the blog about the nurses having to do exta work to move beds. In those circumstances if the nurses are opposed to doing this they should speak up. The muslims asking for their beds to be moved should maybe get their relatives visiting them to do it for them. You may call me an idealist but I believe in spreading the god decreed love between all men whatever your blogging thoughts are!

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